The Last Newsletter

In July 2018, the Wielders of Power website went live. The monthly newsletters began and hope for the future of my series began to grow alongside my increasing number of readers. Doing these newsletters has been a great reflective process – analyzing readers questions, describing my own writing style, and explaining where I intend to take the series over the course of the next year. This anniversary newsletter will also set up the foundation of all future newsletters. While creating one of these each month has been an enjoyable process, I will be slowing down the pace a little. Newsletters will release on an irregular basis as new questions or series updates come in—no longer will there be one per month. The newsletters were a good break from all the ‘side’ work of the series, but now it is time to shift focus back to the story.

One year later

The old newsletter format was retired because everything on the original site was custom coded and outdated. Typing up a newsletter, formatting it for a PDF view, then manually uploading each one to my email system was very slow. Now, with the new site powered by WordPress, new blog posts will be replacing the newsletters. While writing will still be the primary focus, I’m getting back into my online presence with the series.