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Samuel Miles and Isabel Gosteu were two normal people. A strange event strips them of their past and former memories. Without hope and without help, they must fight for survival against abominations of nature, the elements of this strange land, and a cult-like tribe that seems to wield unnatural power. Through their journey, they discover many secrets as they attempt to find out who they are, how they arrived there, and how they can get home.
A Nights Passage Cover

A Night's Passage

Volume 1

Waking up inside a cabin in the middle of the woods, he is left with just the clothes on his back, and very few details of his past life. Thrust into an unknown world, he must fight for each breath against vicious beasts of nature, lurking spirits of the night, and a violent, cult-like tribe that wields unnatural forces and power.

A Morning's Arrival Cover

A Morning's Arrival

Volume 2

We learned of secrets and truths about ourselves that we could not comprehend. We were special people; so called: Wielders of Power, that had the ability to control the world around us using strange artifacts we found there.

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Hometown Magazine

Hometown Magazine

Insider Article

Find out the story behind the story. Punxsutawney Hometown Magazine gets an inside look to the creation of the series



Series Creation

Before I knew it, I had created an entire world out of nothing. From the original draft to where the series is today.

Wielders of Power Newsletters

Wielders of Power Newsletters

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I've written some newsletters on my series and answered fan questions, with more inside content

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