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Fast Paced Excitement

The story was fast paced and I felt like I was there experiencing it with the characters. The story line kept me guessing and I wanted it to go on and on. The next book better come out soon!

Kerri P. Verified Purchase January 8, 2019

Great Book!

Very exciting from the first page to the last! For a first time author I found the book extremely imaginative! I will recommend this book to all my friends who love fast paced thrillers!

Brenda C. Verified Purchase October 6, 2019

Highly Recommend

I found the book to be very fast paced and imaginative. I downloaded it Saturday and finished reading it in two days. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes sci-fi.

Lynn M. Verified Purchase October 6, 2019

Five Stars


Michael W. Verified Purchase October 6, 2019

Easy to Read

Incredible imaginative, quick, and easy to read. Flows well with short but appropriate breaks in the action. Author does a great job endearing the characters to the reader. I have rarely been so engrossed in a book.

Jay L. Paperback October 6, 2019


A creative and compelling story, which I couldn’t put down. Almost read the whole book in a one day! The story captures you from the very first page and makes you feel like you are a part of the adventure.

Anonymous Kindle October 6, 2019

Easy & Exciting Read

It was fast paced and it kept you wanting to keep reading right up to the end-then when you got to the end it left you wanting more!

K.B. Paperback October 6, 2019


Great storyline and the characters had depth. Surprised by the ending. Would love to know more about what happens next.

Jessica Verified Purchase October 8, 2019

Excellent Book for a First Time Author!

This is the first science fiction /fantasy book I have ever read, and I was hooked after reading the first chapter! For a first time author, he does an excellent job introducing the characters and describing the various scenes created throughout the book.

Diana F. Paperback October 8, 2019

Exciting read!

A great read from start to finish! I loved the main characters and could not have predicted the many twists and turns this book offers. Hard to put down! I recommend this book to anyone looking for a great adventure.

Terri P. Paperback October 8, 2019

Five Stars

This book is great for readers of all ages! If you enjoy fiction you will love this book!

Anonymous Paperback October 8, 2019

You won’t be disappointed!

This book captured my attention from the first chapter until the end! The characters were relatable, the plot was exciting, and the ending made me even more excited to read the sequel - A Morning's Arrival. Check both of these book out! You won't be disappointed!

Andrew T. Paperback October 8, 2019

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